Type-4 24V LED Driver

RGBW Quadcore 746x440

In response to continued demand, Blinding Light have made a significant investment in more of their proprietary Type-4 24v LED Drivers. Each 2U Power Supply contains a 640w power supply capable of controlling 40m of LED tape, either as a single uniform output or in four distinct control zones. Units are rack mountable, or can be supplied with flying frames for direct attachment to truss.

Type-4-Array 300x500Designed and manufactured in the UK, each PSU has four separately addressable outputs, with each output capable of driving up to 10m of 24v LED tape. Blinding Light Managing Director Patrick Stacey comments “What differentiates our drivers from the other rental units out there is that we have designed our product to work with RGBW products straight out of the box. The mixed white previously possible with a standard RGB tape just doesn’t cut it in an environment where our clients are looking for a specific reference colour or lighting treatment on a graphic or scenic piece. We now carry a stock of new RGBW Quadcore LED tape for use in all of our projects, which we believe is closely comparable in cost to the other RGB tape on the market”.

Continuing with our policy of investing in rock-solid, reliable infrastructure, the PSU’s are designed to work with a whole host of 24v LED devices. Our rental stock not only comprises the full suite of RGB, RGBW and Tuneable White LED tapes, but systems of LED tubes, spheres and even Tuneable White 600mm LED ceiling tiles.

With this new investment, Blinding Light now have the capability in off-the-shelf hire stock to control and drive over 3000m of LED tape! Contact us now to see how we might be able to help with your next project.